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Annie has had a lovely time this week.

She enjoyed every minute

of it. Thank you for all

your hard work.

Best wishes,

Anne Fitzsimmons

Clara really enjoyed Go Girls. She normally wouldn't be very confident with sports activities

but she was up and ready to go every Saturday morning. 

I would love to book her in for the summer camp in Greystones if there are

still places available ?

Thanks Jennifer.

What a fantastic first morning my daughter has had. Came back with a big smile on her face. Went in knowing no one and came back with 3 friends already. Lovely group of girls with two fantastic coaches. Thank you Vicky & Eithne 

Thank you so so much for setting this up & and keeping the girls so focused. I never ]in my life thought I would hear the words “I’m going for a run” come out of Emily’s mouth. She was so happy to

be part of the winning team, the ice cream got her out on her second walk of the day & she ended up doing over 10k walking on Saturday as a result!!!


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