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The Girls

  • I should treat all other go girls with respect.

  • I should never lose my temper or say hurtful comments to any girl within the group.

  • I should always be encouraging towards all the other girls within the group.

The Coaches

  • I should respect all coaches.

  • I should never use bad language.

  • I should never be cheeky or back answer the coaches.


By participating in Go Girls you agree to follow the above Code of Conduct. 

In the event of a child breaking the above code we operate a 3 strike system:

  • Strike 1: given to you as a warning to control your behaviour.

  • Strike 2: your parents will be called and told not to send you to our class the following week.* 
  • Strike 3: you will be asked to leave the group permanently.


* You may then return to the class following the one week exclusion, the matter forgotten. Note: payment for the week of exclusion will not be refunded to the parents.

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