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Child Protection Policy Statement

Go Girls is committed to safeguarding the well-being of all the children and young people with whom our staff come into contact. Our policy on child protection is in accordance with “Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children” (Department of Children and Youth Affairs, 2011) and Our Duty to Care. The principles of good practice for the protection for children and young people”. We provide Girls Only running and exercise classes outdoor in public spaces and indoors. The age range of Girls in our classes is 9-15

Principles of Safeguarding Children from Harm

Regulations 2006 and Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children

We seek to create a safe environment for young people to grow and develop within sport. The following set of principles should be adhered to:

• Importance of childhood - The importance of childhood should be understood and valued by everyone involved in Go Girls

• Needs of the child – All Go Girls Classes should be guided by what is best for children. This means that adults should have a basic understanding of the emotional, physical and personal needs of young people.

• Integrity in relationships - Adults interacting with children in Go Girls are in a position of trust and influence. They should always ensure that children are treated with integrity and respect, and the self-esteem of young people is enhanced.

• Fair Play - All children’s sport should be conducted in an atmosphere of fair play. The principles of fair play should always be emphasised, and organisers should give clear guidelines regarding acceptable standards of behaviour.

• Quality atmosphere & ethos – Go Girls classes should be conducted in a safe, positive and encouraging atmosphere.

• Equality - All children should be valued and treated in an equitable and fair manner regardless of ability, age, gender, religion, social and ethnic background or political persuasion.

Risk Assessment

Go Girls Risk Assessment document indicates the areas of potential risk of harm, the likelihood of the risk occurring, and gives the required policy, guidance or process documents require to alleviate these risks.  The list of risks identified and procedures to manage these risks are contained in the following categories: 

Risk Identified Procedure in place to manage risk identified

Coaching Practices

 Lack of coaching qualification.


 Supervision issues.


 Unauthorised photography & recording activities.


 Behavioural Issues.


 Lack of adherence with misc. procedures in Safeguarding policy

Managing Risk

 Coach education policy


 Supervision policy


 Photography & Use of Images policy


 Code of Conduct / Safeguarding 1 / Complaints & Disciplinary policy.


 Safeguarding Policy / Complaints & disciplinary policy

Complaints & Discipline Risk

 Lack of awareness of a Complaints & Disciplinary policy.


 Difficulty in raising an issue by child & or parent 


 Complaints not being dealt with seriously

Managing Risk

 Complaints & Disciplinary procedure/policy / Communications procedure.


 Complaints & Disciplinary procedure/policy / Communications procedure.


 Complaints & Disciplinary procedure/policy.


General Risk of Harm

 Harm not being recognised.


 Harm caused by:

Child to Child.

Coach to Child.

Volunteer to Child.

Member to Child.

Visitor to Child.

 General behavioural issues.


 Issues of Bullying.


 Vetting of staff/volunteers.


 Issues of Online Safety

Managing Risk


 Safeguarding policy / Child Safeguarding Training.


 Safeguarding policy / Child Safeguarding Training.

Policies to manage Risks

 Code of Conduct.


 Anti-Bullying policy.


 Recruitment policy / Vetting policy.


 Social Media / Online Safety policy.

The Risk Assessment was undertaken on 01/09/2019

Implementation .We recognise that implementation is an ongoing process. Go Girls is committed to the implementation of this Child Safeguarding Statement and the procedures that support our intention to keep children safe from harm while availing of our activities. 

Please note the following:

• That all volunteers and staff have been furnished with a copy of this statement.

• This statement is available to parents/guardians, the Agency & members of the public on request.

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